Perks + Benefits


We aim to create a positive impact on our community and employees by encouraging volunteerism and support for non-profit organizations. We encourage all employees to take advantage of the Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program whether individually or through group projects. Check out this video here from the 2018 VTO opportunities our team participated in!

Sustainable work/life balance is possible at Greystone. Taking time off to re-energize and spend time with those close to you helps you work better. Our paid time off program is one of a kind, providing you opportunities to find a balance that works for you.



We’ve got you covered. Greystone offers a full suite of benefit choices for you and your family. From medical, dental, and vision offerings to life and disability choices, you’ll find everything you need to stay healthy from an insurance perspective.

Greystone provides vested contributions into a retirement account once you’re eligible. We also provide an independent financial planning professional to help you think about tomorrow, today.



Technology companies don’t have to be boring to be successful. We have fun with each other and cultivate opportunities to play in our workplace. Bowling, kickball league, book club, game nights, foosball and staff happy hours are some of our favorite ways that we like to kick back as a team.

The Growth at Greystone Catalog helps you understand the myriad ways that our company is committed to supporting your career growth. Are you interested in a certification? We’ll help you get there. Do you want access to training opportunities? We provide them monthly. Do you want to experiment in a technology lab? We have that too.



Culture Commitment

How We Define Success

Greystone is a context-aware technology service partner. Success at Greystone comes by doing increasingly exciting and meaningful things for more people while increasing team member satisfaction and improving financial benefits for everyone. We aim for growth, not for the sake of growth itself, but because we are a collection of driven people eager to create, build, learn, and serve. Our mindsets and skillsets make us the best option for our clients in the many facets of IT services. We succeed by doing this together with directed autonomy and psychological safety.

Directed Autonomy

Success at Greystone requires team members to create authentic connections with peers and leaders. We want to work with people who are self-accountable, not perfect. We ask that you be authentic and not just show the best side of what is going on.

We are not a company for people who need micromanagement or who need to be looked after in every task. Our team members succeed by being themselves. When we see individuals demonstrating an understanding of their role and purpose, and accountability for the end result of their work, they receive the trust and freedom that makes this workplace great.  We want to hire smart people and allow them to be smart.

Psychological Safety

Autonomy in a growing company works when our team shares real information openly. If you fear failure and punishment to the extent that you hide or ignore your challenges, then autonomy fails. We need awareness inside the company and psychological safety within key relationships to make our team successful.